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Summary of CMSB BHD Financial Results - Bursa Saham Malaysia KLSE

Last update (dd/mm/yyyy) : 2 July 2016 *updated every first week of the month unless stated otherwise.

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DB ID Stock Stock Long Name Date announced Financial Year End Quarter Revenue, Quarter Profit before tax, Quarter Profit after tax, Quarter Profit for share holders, Quarter EPS, Quarter Dividend, Quarter Revenue, Year Profit before tax, Year Profit after tax, Year Profit for share holders, Year EPS, Year Dividend, Year Shares Issued (approx) Quarterly Profit Margin Price during announcement Relative price*
378CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2010-02-242009-12-314RM 263,110,000RM 33,588,000RM 22,977,000RM 13,000,0003.95 cents5.00 centsRM 875,248,000RM 98,896,000RM 63,455,000RM 41,366,00012.56 cents5.00 cents329,000,00012.77 %1.896.225
1611CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2010-05-272010-12-311RM 177,633,000RM 21,349,000RM 14,740,000RM 12,130,0003.68 cents0.00 centsRM 177,633,000RM 8,192,000RM 14,740,000RM 12,130,0003.68 cents0.00 cents330,000,00012.02 %2.257.416
1858CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2010-06-032010-12-311RM 177,633,000RM 21,349,000RM 14,740,000RM 12,130,0003.68 cents0.00 centsRM 177,633,000RM 21,349,000RM 14,740,000RM 12,130,0003.68 cents0.00 cents330,000,00012.02 %2.27.252
2778CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2010-08-302010-12-312RM 249,338,000RM 16,624,000RM 10,948,000RM 7,307,0002.22 cents0.00 centsRM 426,971,000RM 37,973,000RM 25,688,000RM 19,437,0005.90 cents0.00 cents329,000,0006.67 %2.377.805
3564CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2010-11-262010-12-313RM 232,460,000RM 30,638,000RM 31,724,000RM 26,740,0008.12 cents0.00 centsRM 659,431,000RM 68,611,000RM 57,412,000RM 46,177,00014.02 cents0.00 cents329,000,00013.18 %2.638.662
4478CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2011-02-252010-12-314RM 284,052,000RM 48,635,000RM 30,796,000RM 19,429,0005.90 cents10.00 centsRM 943,483,000RM 117,246,000RM 88,208,000RM 65,606,00019.91 cents10.00 cents329,000,00017.12 %2.628.633
5500CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2011-05-262011-12-311RM 226,367,000RM 43,095,000RM 34,493,000RM 30,634,0009.30 cents0.00 centsRM 226,367,000RM 43,095,000RM 34,493,000RM 30,634,0009.30 cents0.00 cents329,000,00019.04 %2.27.247
6749CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2011-08-262011-12-312RM 257,963,000RM 44,350,000RM 32,921,000RM 27,792,0008.44 cents0.00 centsRM 484,330,000RM 87,445,000RM 67,414,000RM 58,426,00017.73 cents0.00 cents329,000,00017.19 %2.026.654
7597CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2011-11-252011-12-313RM 240,759,000RM 52,740,000RM 48,064,000RM 38,170,00011.59 cents0.00 centsRM 725,089,000RM 140,185,000RM 115,478,000RM 96,596,00029.32 cents0.00 cents329,000,00021.91 %2.086.852
8535CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2012-02-282011-12-314RM 287,177,000RM 38,840,000RM 29,466,000RM 23,499,0007.13 cents15.00 centsRM 1,012,266,000RM 179,025,000RM 144,944,000RM 120,095,00036.45 cents15.00 cents330,000,00013.52 %2.518.270
9677CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2012-05-302012-12-311RM 230,342,000RM 49,897,000RM 36,401,000RM 31,345,0009.51 cents0.00 centsRM 230,342,000RM 49,897,000RM 36,401,000RM 31,345,0009.51 cents0.00 cents330,000,00021.66 %2.498.207
10533CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2012-08-292012-12-312RM 292,201,000RM 70,113,000RM 55,262,000RM 47,096,00014.29 cents5.00 centsRM 522,543,000RM 120,010,000RM 91,663,000RM 78,441,00023.80 cents5.00 cents330,000,00023.99 %3.2810.810
11584CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2012-11-292012-12-313RM 288,284,000RM 44,523,000RM 29,547,000RM 22,142,0006.91 cents0.00 centsRM 810,827,000RM 164,533,000RM 121,210,000RM 100,583,00031.00 cents5.00 cents320,000,00015.44 %3.110.036
12356CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2013-02-272012-12-314RM 392,439,000RM 66,255,000RM 49,317,000RM 38,224,00011.73 cents12.00 centsRM 1,203,266,000RM 230,788,000RM 170,527,000RM 138,807,00042.33 cents17.00 cents326,000,00016.88 %3.019.870
13097CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2013-05-222013-12-311RM 310,359,000RM 54,813,000RM 38,007,000RM 28,727,0008.89 cents0.00 centsRM 310,359,000RM 54,813,000RM 38,007,000RM 28,727,0008.91 cents0.00 cents323,000,00017.66 %5.317.117
14522CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2013-08-302013-12-312RM 338,332,000RM 68,813,000RM 49,326,000RM 40,014,00012.06 cents5.00 centsRM 648,691,000RM 123,626,000RM 87,333,000RM 68,741,00020.99 cents5.00 cents332,000,00020.34 %4.615.170
15361CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2013-11-282013-12-313RM 335,400,000RM 62,526,000RM 49,122,000RM 40,992,00012.10 cents0.00 centsRM 984,091,000RM 186,152,000RM 136,455,000RM 109,733,00033.12 cents5.00 cents339,000,00018.64 %5.919.666
16072CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2014-02-262013-12-314RM 433,449,000RM 109,118,000RM 79,469,000RM 65,716,00019.41 cents12.00 centsRM 1,417,540,000RM 295,270,000RM 215,924,000RM 175,449,00052.67 cents17.00 cents339,000,00025.17 %7.5125.017
16756CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2014-05-142014-12-311RM 373,239,000RM 66,191,000RM 47,702,000RM 38,896,00011.46 cents0.00 centsRM 373,239,000RM 66,191,000RM 47,702,000RM 38,896,00011.46 cents0.00 cents339,000,00017.73 %9.8633.465
18056CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2014-08-272014-12-312RM 383,362,000RM 98,648,000RM 76,272,000RM 66,117,0006.39 cents1.50 centsRM 756,601,000RM 164,839,000RM 123,974,000RM 105,103,00010.22 cents1.50 cents1,035,000,00025.73 %4.1943.237
19052CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2014-11-262014-12-313RM 413,067,000RM 104,179,000RM 85,696,000RM 72,379,0006.97 cents0.00 centsRM 1,169,668,000RM 269,018,000RM 209,670,000RM 177,392,00017.20 cents1.50 cents1,038,000,00025.22 %4.4545.986
19935CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2015-02-252014-12-314RM 504,230,000RM 72,434,000RM 55,938,000RM 43,943,0004.23 cents7.00 centsRM 1,673,898,000RM 341,452,000RM 265,608,000RM 221,335,00021.42 cents8.50 cents1,039,000,00014.37 %4.2944.329
20627CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2015-05-182015-12-311RM 490,989,000RM 95,010,000RM 71,014,000RM 57,423,0005.52 cents0.00 centsRM 490,989,000RM 95,010,000RM 71,014,000RM 57,423,0005.52 cents0.00 cents1,040,000,00019.35 %5.3755.863
21889CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2015-08-262015-12-312RM 376,855,000RM 66,707,000RM 50,132,000RM 40,661,0003.80 cents1.50 centsRM 867,844,000RM 161,717,000RM 121,146,000RM 98,084,0009.30 cents1.50 cents1,070,000,00017.70 %4.9152.123
22804CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2015-11-252015-12-313RM 411,844,000RM 104,564,000RM 77,419,000RM 65,480,0006.09 cents0.00 centsRM 1,279,688,000RM 266,281,000RM 198,565,000RM 163,564,00015.41 cents1.50 cents1,075,000,00025.39 %5.1755.077
24104CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2016-02-292015-12-314RM 508,337,000RM 115,373,000RM 99,093,000RM 78,023,0007.26 cents3.00 centsRM 1,788,025,000RM 381,654,000RM 297,658,000RM 241,587,00022.69 cents4.50 cents1,075,000,00022.70 %5.0053.236
24432CMSBCAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD2016-05-162016-12-311RM 346,906,000RM 22,906,000RM 9,939,000RM 1,049,0000.10 cents0.00 centsRM 346,906,000RM 22,906,000RM 9,939,000RM 1,049,0000.10 cents0.00 cents1,049,000,0006.60 %3.3034.617

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