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DB ID Stock Stock Long Name Date announced Financial Year End Quarter Revenue, Quarter Profit before tax, Quarter Profit after tax, Quarter Profit for share holders, Quarter EPS, Quarter Dividend, Quarter Revenue, Year Profit before tax, Year Profit after tax, Year Profit for share holders, Year EPS, Year Dividend, Year Shares Issued (approx) Quarterly Profit Margin Price during announcement Relative price*
9869FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2012-06-252012-12-311RM 1,719,997,000RM 280,806,000RM 223,212,000RM 192,165,00010.90 cents0.00 centsRM 1,719,997,000RM 280,806,000RM 223,212,000RM 192,165,00010.90 cents0.00 cents1,763,000,00016.33 %00.000
10413FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2012-08-282012-12-312RM 3,536,387,000RM 301,503,000RM 220,157,000RM 188,368,0005.20 cents0.00 centsRM 5,256,384,000RM 582,309,000RM 443,369,000RM 380,533,00010.40 cents0.00 cents3,622,000,0008.53 %5.02182.764
11689FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2012-11-302012-12-313RM 3,771,305,000RM 318,669,000RM 224,467,000RM 245,602,0006.70 cents0.05 centsRM 9,027,689,000RM 900,978,000RM 667,836,000RM 626,135,00017.20 cents0.05 cents3,666,000,0008.45 %4.55165.958
12230FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2013-02-262012-12-314RM 3,858,810,000RM 209,453,000RM 237,044,000RM 179,640,0006.30 cents8.50 centsRM 12,886,499,000RM 1,109,462,000RM 904,880,000RM 805,775,00028.50 cents14.00 cents2,851,000,0005.43 %4.44125.531
13414FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2013-05-292013-12-311RM 2,682,208,000RM 208,513,000RM 167,057,000RM 136,716,0003.70 cents0.00 centsRM 2,682,208,000RM 208,513,000RM 167,057,000RM 136,716,0003.70 cents0.00 cents3,695,000,0007.77 %4.55168.124
14417FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2013-08-292013-12-312RM 2,991,326,000RM 527,987,000RM 368,049,000RM 322,712,0008.80 cents0.00 centsRM 5,673,534,000RM 734,183,000RM 535,106,000RM 459,428,00012.60 cents0.00 cents3,667,000,00017.65 %4.32158.045
15281FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2013-11-272013-12-313RM 3,220,378,000RM 72,976,000RM 59,277,000RM 22,899,0000.60 cents6.00 centsRM 8,893,912,000RM 807,159,000RM 594,383,000RM 482,327,00013.20 cents6.00 cents3,817,000,0002.27 %4.45162.917
16087FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2014-02-262013-12-314RM 3,674,096,000RM 695,644,000RM 512,656,000RM 498,665,00013.70 cents10.00 centsRM 12,568,008,000RM 1,502,803,000RM 1,107,039,000RM 980,992,00026.90 cents16.00 cents3,640,000,00018.93 %4.55165.930
16962FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2014-05-232014-12-311RM 3,726,122,000RM 267,298,000RM 208,807,000RM 143,628,0003.90 cents0.00 centsRM 3,726,122,000RM 267,298,000RM 208,807,000RM 143,628,0003.90 cents0.00 cents3,683,000,0007.17 %4.6169.407
17889FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2014-08-252014-12-312RM 4,083,487,000RM 322,361,000RM 213,934,000RM 151,862,0004.20 cents6.00 centsRM 7,809,609,000RM 589,659,000RM 422,741,000RM 295,490,0008.10 cents6.00 cents3,616,000,0007.89 %3.84139.453
19164FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2014-11-272014-12-313RM 4,324,895,000RM 89,158,000RM 22,993,000RM -9,332,000-0.30 cents0.00 centsRM 12,134,504,000RM 678,817,000RM 445,734,000RM 286,158,0007.80 cents6.00 cents3,111,000,0002.06 %3.38124.756
19801FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2015-02-242014-12-314RM 4,299,827,000RM 134,378,000RM 76,126,000RM 20,211,0000.60 cents4.00 centsRM 16,434,331,000RM 813,195,000RM 521,860,000RM 306,369,0008.40 cents10.00 cents3,369,000,0003.13 %2.94107.229
20876FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2015-05-262015-12-311RM 2,964,174,000RM 50,561,000RM 29,737,000RM 3,575,0000.10 cents0.00 centsRM 2,964,174,000RM 50,561,000RM 29,737,000RM 3,575,0000.10 cents0.00 cents3,575,000,0001.71 %2.0171.857
21758FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2015-08-242015-12-312RM 4,190,477,000RM 190,266,000RM 102,946,000RM 46,088,0001.30 cents0.00 centsRM 6,900,368,000RM 263,143,000RM 132,683,000RM 49,663,0001.40 cents0.00 cents3,545,000,0004.54 %1.2142.906
22939FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2015-11-262015-12-313RM 4,510,291,000RM -62,434,000RM 20,191,000RM -33,922,000-0.90 cents2.00 centsRM 11,410,659,000RM 200,709,000RM 152,874,000RM 15,741,0000.40 cents2.00 cents3,769,000,000-1.38 %1.8466.906
24058FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2016-02-292015-12-314RM 4,259,082,000RM 159,225,000RM 157,132,000RM 101,382,0002.80 cents2.00 centsRM 15,669,741,000RM 359,934,000RM 312,006,000RM 117,123,0003.20 cents4.00 cents3,621,000,0003.74 %1.5355.999
24593FGVFELDA GLOBAL VENTURES HOLDINGS BERHAD2016-05-242016-12-311RM 3,755,449,000RM -70,346,000RM -59,981,000RM -65,539,000-1.80 cents0.00 centsRM 3,755,449,000RM -70,346,000RM -59,981,000RM -65,539,000-1.80 cents0.00 cents3,641,000,000-1.87 %1.3448.790

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