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Stock Stock Long Name Date announced Financial Year End Quarter Revenue, Quarter Profit before tax, Quarter Profit after tax, Quarter Profit for share holders, Quarter EPS, Quarter Dividend, Quarter Revenue, Year Profit before tax, Year Profit after tax, Year Profit for share holders, Year EPS, Year Dividend, Year Shares Issued (approx) Quarterly Profit Margin R Q R Y P Q P Y PRCI <5 Q 25
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD25/02/201031/03/20103RM 38,213,000RM -10,013,000RM -2,058,000RM -2,058,000-0.10 cents0.00 centsRM 98,659,000RM -27,419,000RM -20,226,000RM -20,226,000-1.00 cents0.00 cents2,058,000,000-26.2 %0.660.58-4.58-3.6116.41326.23
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD31/05/201031/03/20104RM 45,241,000RM -13,445,000RM -12,973,000RM -12,973,000-0.64 cents0.00 centsRM 143,900,000RM -40,864,000RM -33,199,000RM -33,199,000-1.64 cents0.00 cents2,027,000,000-29.72 %1.560.730.311.14-1.23418.76
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD26/08/201031/03/20111RM 24,032,000RM -13,817,000RM -14,386,000RM -14,386,000-0.71 cents0.00 centsRM 24,032,000RM -13,817,000RM -14,386,000RM -14,386,000-0.71 cents0.00 cents2,026,000,000-57.49 %
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD30/11/201031/03/20112RM 30,949,000RM -11,068,000RM -11,779,000RM -11,779,000-0.58 cents0.00 centsRM 54,981,000RM -24,885,000RM -26,165,000RM -26,165,000-1.29 cents0.00 cents2,031,000,000-35.76 %0.810.913.541.43-13.372-5.14
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD25/02/201131/03/20113RM 40,380,000RM -2,995,000RM -3,591,000RM -3,591,000-0.18 cents0.00 centsRM 95,361,000RM -27,880,000RM -29,756,000RM -29,756,000-1.47 cents0.00 cents1,995,000,000-7.42 %1.060.970.31.02-11.673-6.73
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD31/05/201131/03/20114RM 30,179,000RM -313,766,000RM -316,765,000RM -316,765,000-15.60 cents0.00 centsRM 125,540,000RM -341,646,000RM -346,521,000RM -346,521,000-17.07 cents0.00 cents2,031,000,000-1039.68 %0.740.920.137.94-73.584-1.43
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD24/08/201131/12/2011OtherRM 50,389,000RM 2,624,000RM 1,054,000RM 1,054,0000.05 cents0.00 centsRM 50,389,000RM 2,624,000RM 1,054,000RM 1,054,0000.05 cents0.00 cents2,108,000,0005.21 %2.12.1-0.19-0.19-1.08Other59.83
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD23/11/201131/12/2011OtherRM 21,731,000RM -13,951,000RM -16,438,000RM -16,439,000-0.81 cents0.00 centsRM 72,120,000RM -11,327,000RM -15,384,000RM -15,385,000-0.76 cents0.00 cents2,030,000,000-64.2 %0.71.311.260.46-0.87Other-35.82
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD29/02/201231/12/2011OtherRM 49,113,000RM -28,884,000RM -24,391,000RM -24,381,000-1.20 cents0.00 centsRM 121,233,000RM -40,211,000RM -39,776,000RM -39,765,000-1.96 cents0.00 cents2,032,000,000-58.81 %
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD31 May 201231/03/20124RM 55,444,000RM 5,481,000RM -2,192,000RM -2,192,000-0.11 cents0.00 centsRM 176,677,000RM -34,730,000RM -41,968,000RM -41,968,000-2.07 cents0.00 cents1,993,000,0009.89 %1.851.41-0.020.09-1.24-20.84
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD30 Aug 201231/03/20131RM 17,383,000RM -12,394,000RM -11,995,000RM -11,994,000-0.59 cents0.00 centsRM 17,383,000RM -12,394,000RM -11,995,000RM -11,994,000-0.59 cents0.00 cents2,033,000,000-71.3 %0.340.34-4.72-4.728.6713.22
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD29 Nov 201231/03/20132RM 24,170,000RM 47,070,000RM 46,629,000RM 46,629,0002.30 cents0.00 centsRM 41,553,000RM 34,676,000RM 34,634,000RM 34,635,0001.71 cents0.00 cents2,027,000,000194.75 %1.110.58-3.37-3.06-39.7320.12
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD21 Feb 201331/03/20133RM 22,440,000RM -8,466,000RM -8,824,000RM -8,823,000-0.43 cents0.00 centsRM 63,993,000RM 26,210,000RM 25,810,000RM 25,812,0001.27 cents0.00 cents2,052,000,000-37.73 %0.460.530.29-0.651.3131.53
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD31 May 201331/03/20134RM 28,971,000RM -36,115,000RM -44,821,000RM -44,819,000-2.21 cents0.00 centsRM 92,964,000RM -9,905,000RM -19,011,000RM -19,007,000-0.94 cents0.00 cents2,028,000,000-124.66 %1.040.622.720.19434-91.93
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD30 Aug 201331/03/20141RM 14,764,000RM -9,155,000RM -9,291,000RM -9,291,000-0.46 cents0.00 centsRM 14,764,000RM -9,155,000RM -9,291,000RM -9,291,000-0.46 cents0.00 cents2,020,000,000-62.01 %0.850.850.740.741.731-1.49
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD27 Nov 201331/03/20142RM 72,949,000RM -1,675,000RM -7,432,000RM -7,431,000-0.37 cents0.00 centsRM 87,713,000RM -10,830,000RM -16,723,000RM -16,722,000-0.82 cents0.00 cents2,008,000,000-2.3 %3.022.11-0.04-0.31-0.512-54.41
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD21 Feb 201431/03/20143RM 48,305,000RM -14,268,000RM -17,492,000RM -17,493,000-0.35 cents0.00 centsRM 136,018,000RM -25,098,000RM -34,215,000RM -34,215,000-1.14 cents0.00 cents4,998,000,000-29.54 %
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD28 May 201431/03/20144RM 23,298,000RM -22,552,000RM -21,768,000RM -21,754,000-0.38 cents0.00 centsRM 159,316,000RM -47,651,000RM -55,984,000RM -55,970,000-1.52 cents0.00 cents5,725,000,000-96.8 %0.741.670.624.761.464-17.49
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD26 Aug 201431/03/20151RM 11,199,000RM -11,523,000RM -11,529,000RM -11,529,000-0.20 cents0.00 centsRM 11,199,000RM -11,523,000RM -11,529,000RM -11,529,000-0.20 cents0.00 cents5,765,000,000-102.89 %0.760.761.261.26-1.081-0.05
KBUNAIKARAMBUNAI CORP BHD25 Nov 201431/03/20152RM 11,202,000RM -9,958,000RM -6,299,000RM -6,299,000-0.11 cents0.00 centsRM 22,401,000RM -21,481,000RM -17,828,000RM -17,828,000-0.31 cents0.00 cents5,726,000,000-88.89 %

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