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Summary of KULIM BHD Financial Results - Bursa Saham Malaysia KLSE

Last update (dd/mm/yyyy) : 2 July 2016 *updated every first week of the month unless stated otherwise.

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DB ID Stock Stock Long Name Date announced Financial Year End Quarter Revenue, Quarter Profit before tax, Quarter Profit after tax, Quarter Profit for share holders, Quarter EPS, Quarter Dividend, Quarter Revenue, Year Profit before tax, Year Profit after tax, Year Profit for share holders, Year EPS, Year Dividend, Year Shares Issued (approx) Quarterly Profit Margin Price during announcement Relative price*
676KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2010-02-252009-12-314RM 1,556,396,000RM 160,639,000RM 86,364,000RM 37,918,00012.28 cents0.00 centsRM 5,801,909,000RM 532,779,000RM 360,393,000RM 142,085,00046.00 cents0.00 cents309,000,00010.32 %1.7785.492
1658KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2010-05-272010-12-311RM 1,511,457,000RM 165,888,000RM 115,425,000RM 61,895,00019.82 cents0.00 centsRM 1,511,457,000RM 165,888,000RM 115,425,000RM 61,895,00019.82 cents0.00 cents312,000,00010.98 %1.835.715
2811KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2010-08-302010-12-312RM 1,673,610,000RM 123,054,000RM 83,263,000RM 14,658,0004.69 cents0.00 centsRM 3,185,068,000RM 288,943,000RM 198,689,000RM 76,554,00024.51 cents0.00 cents313,000,0007.35 %2.1126.598
3815KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2010-11-302010-12-313RM 871,114,000RM 271,121,000RM 365,916,000RM 284,658,00091.13 cents0.00 centsRM 4,056,181,000RM 560,062,000RM 564,604,000RM 361,212,000115.64 cents0.00 cents312,000,00031.12 %3.0359.480
4545KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2011-02-252010-12-314RM 1,430,651,000RM 223,986,000RM 84,980,000RM 2,215,0000.71 cents0.00 centsRM 5,486,833,000RM 784,049,000RM 497,974,000RM 363,406,000116.35 cents0.00 cents312,000,00015.66 %3.6811.494
4743KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2011-02-282010-12-314RM 1,430,651,000RM 223,986,000RM 132,402,000RM 26,248,0008.40 cents0.00 centsRM 5,486,833,000RM 784,049,000RM 545,396,000RM 387,438,000124.04 cents0.00 cents312,000,00015.66 %13.8443.229
5646KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2011-05-272011-12-311RM 1,657,480,000RM 381,215,000RM 276,814,000RM 127,099,00010.12 cents0.00 centsRM 1,657,480,000RM 381,215,000RM 276,814,000RM 127,099,00010.12 cents0.00 cents1,256,000,00023 %3.341.445
6807KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2011-08-262011-12-312RM 1,802,388,000RM 356,628,000RM 266,434,000RM 146,290,00011.70 cents0.00 centsRM 3,459,868,000RM 737,843,000RM 543,248,000RM 273,389,00021.87 cents0.00 cents1,250,000,00019.79 %3.6846.008
7640KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2011-11-252011-12-313RM 1,780,209,000RM 329,655,000RM 249,787,000RM 171,073,00013.97 cents0.00 centsRM 5,240,077,000RM 1,067,499,000RM 793,037,000RM 444,463,00036.30 cents0.00 cents1,225,000,00018.52 %3.5643.591
8774KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2012-02-292011-12-314RM 1,801,700,000RM 297,430,000RM 242,793,000RM 104,720,0008.51 cents0.00 centsRM 7,041,777,000RM 1,364,929,000RM 1,035,830,000RM 549,182,00044.62 cents0.00 cents1,231,000,00016.51 %4.5355.755
9297KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2012-05-232012-12-311RM 1,662,961,000RM 189,314,000RM 143,576,000RM 68,705,0005.62 cents0.00 centsRM 1,662,961,000RM 189,314,000RM 143,576,000RM 68,705,0005.62 cents0.00 cents1,223,000,00011.38 %4.5855.991
10582KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2012-08-292012-12-312RM 1,389,609,000RM 2,073,424,000RM 2,034,159,000RM 1,998,419,000163.55 cents0.00 centsRM 3,052,570,000RM 2,262,738,000RM 2,177,735,000RM 2,067,124,000169.17 cents0.00 cents1,222,000,000149.21 %5.1963.417
11621KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2012-11-292012-12-313RM 1,184,542,000RM 137,635,000RM 103,780,000RM 62,022,0005.00 cents0.00 centsRM 3,416,387,000RM 324,973,000RM 2,281,516,000RM 2,129,146,000171.55 cents0.00 cents1,240,000,00011.62 %4.3654.112
12415KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2013-02-272012-12-314RM 205,836,000RM -1,314,800,000RM -1,270,248,000RM -1,283,073,000-103.35 cents0.00 centsRM 906,819,000RM 763,499,000RM 1,011,267,000RM 846,072,00068.15 cents0.00 cents1,241,000,000-638.76 %3.5744.321
13125KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2013-05-222013-12-311RM 258,862,000RM 25,141,000RM 358,178,000RM 345,531,00027.46 cents0.00 centsRM 258,862,000RM 25,141,000RM 358,178,000RM 345,531,00027.46 cents0.00 cents1,258,000,0009.71 %3.6245.551
14324KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2013-08-282013-12-312RM 792,291,000RM 33,456,000RM 91,992,000RM 66,113,0005.24 cents0.00 centsRM 1,507,109,000RM 66,078,000RM 455,899,000RM 411,262,00032.58 cents0.00 cents1,262,000,0004.22 %3.341.651
15398KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2013-11-282013-12-313RM 682,915,000RM 45,485,000RM 17,818,000RM 16,427,0001.30 cents0.00 centsRM 2,190,024,000RM 111,563,000RM 473,717,000RM 427,689,00033.87 cents0.00 cents1,264,000,0006.66 %3.746.722
16436KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2014-02-282013-12-314RM 661,729,000RM 38,074,000RM -7,885,000RM 3,389,000-0.27 cents0.00 centsRM 2,851,753,000RM 149,636,000RM 465,831,000RM 431,078,00033.60 cents0.00 cents1,264,000,0005.75 %3.4844.647
17036KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2014-05-262014-12-311RM 829,674,000RM 90,617,000RM 66,714,000RM 38,136,0002.98 cents0.00 centsRM 829,674,000RM 90,617,000RM 66,714,000RM 38,136,0002.98 cents0.00 cents1,280,000,00010.92 %3.5845.814
17908KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2014-08-252014-12-312RM 817,484,000RM 218,203,000RM 169,849,000RM 98,432,0007.70 cents0.00 centsRM 1,647,158,000RM 308,820,000RM 236,563,000RM 136,568,00010.68 cents0.00 cents1,278,000,00026.69 %3.342.190
19314KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2014-11-282014-12-313RM 263,592,000RM 15,255,000RM 29,035,000RM 17,681,0001.38 cents0.00 centsRM 811,525,000RM 72,272,000RM 265,598,000RM 154,249,00012.06 cents0.00 cents1,281,000,0005.79 %3.4243.750
20284KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2015-02-272014-12-314RM 283,633,000RM 23,261,000RM 56,630,000RM 23,091,0001.77 cents0.38 centsRM 1,095,158,000RM 95,533,000RM 322,228,000RM 177,340,00013.55 cents0.38 cents1,305,000,0008.20 %3.2842.928
20818KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2015-05-252015-12-311RM 268,170,000RM 24,584,000RM 1,351,519,000RM 1,360,502,000102.51 cents0.38 centsRM 268,170,000RM 24,584,000RM 1,351,519,000RM 1,360,502,000102.51 cents0.38 cents1,327,000,0009.17 %2.5533.843
21859KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2015-08-252015-12-312RM 511,483,000RM 45,822,000RM 9,414,000RM -1,146,000-0.09 cents0.00 centsRM 779,653,000RM 70,406,000RM 1,360,933,000RM 1,359,356,000103.72 cents0.38 cents1,273,000,0008.96 %2.7035.388
22880KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2015-11-252015-12-313RM 406,965,000RM 89,984,000RM 89,322,000RM 86,887,0006.71 cents0.00 centsRM 1,186,618,000RM 160,390,000RM 1,450,255,000RM 1,446,243,000111.62 cents0.38 cents1,295,000,00022.11 %3.9050.530
24050KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2016-02-292015-12-314RM 300,729,000RM 2,116,000RM -32,736,000RM -35,980,000-2.80 cents0.00 centsRM 1,487,347,000RM 162,506,000RM 1,417,519,000RM 1,410,263,000109.78 cents0.38 cents1,285,000,0000.70 %3.8749.715
24931KULIMKULIM (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2016-05-272016-12-311RM 404,030,000RM -19,447,000RM -23,526,000RM -36,349,000-2.87 cents0.00 centsRM 404,030,000RM -19,447,000RM -23,526,000RM -36,349,000-2.87 cents0.00 cents1,267,000,000-4.81 %4.0250.914

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