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Last update : 2019-01-02 (YYYY-MM-DD)

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DB ID Stock Ticker Stock Long Name Date announced Financial Year End Quarter Revenue, Quarter Profit before tax, Quarter Profit after tax, Quarter Profit for share holders, Quarter EPS, Quarter Dividend, Quarter Revenue, Year Profit before tax, Year Profit after tax, Year Profit for share holders, Year EPS, Year Dividend, Year Shares Issued (approx) Price during announcement Relative price* DB ID Quarterly Profit Margin
68MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2010-01-282010-08-311RM 20,721,000RM 1,493,000RM 1,141,000RM 1,086,0002.33 cents0.00 centsRM 20,721,000RM 1,493,000RM 1,141,000RM 1,086,0002.33 cents0.00 cents47,000,0001.640.77687.21 %
1024MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2010-04-282010-08-312RM 21,369,000RM 426,000RM 73,000RM 16,0000.03 cents0.00 centsRM 42,090,000RM 1,919,000RM 1,214,000RM 1,157,0002.48 cents0.00 cents53,000,0001.490.7910241.99 %
1983MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2010-07-192010-08-313RM 22,069,000RM -530,000RM -687,000RM -687,000-1.47 cents0.00 centsRM 64,159,000RM 1,389,000RM 527,000RM 470,0001.01 cents0.00 cents47,000,0001.430.671983-2.4 %
3052MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2010-10-292010-08-314RM 24,669,000RM -14,198,000RM -13,934,000RM -13,934,000-29.89 cents0.00 centsRM 88,828,000RM -12,809,000RM -13,407,000RM -13,464,000-28.88 cents0.00 cents47,000,0001.390.653052-57.55 %
4013MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2011-01-252011-08-311RM 21,313,000RM 16,000RM -176,000RM -176,000-0.38 cents0.00 centsRM 21,313,000RM 16,000RM -176,000RM -176,000-0.38 cents0.00 cents46,000,0001.380.6340130.08 %
5069MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2011-04-282011-08-312RM 18,552,000RM -1,072,000RM -1,355,000RM -1,355,000-2.91 cents0.00 centsRM 39,865,000RM -1,056,000RM -1,531,000RM -1,531,000-3.28 cents0.00 cents47,000,0001.280.605069-5.78 %
6019MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2011-07-212011-08-313RM 20,913,000RM -346,000RM -521,000RM -521,000-1.12 cents0.00 centsRM 60,778,000RM -1,402,000RM -2,052,000RM -2,052,000-4.40 cents0.00 cents47,000,0001.270.606019-1.65 %
7070MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2011-10-282011-08-314RM 19,065,000RM 9,550,000RM -3,357,000RM -3,357,000-7.27 cents0.00 centsRM 79,843,000RM 8,148,000RM -5,441,000RM -5,441,000-11.67 cents0.00 cents46,000,0001.130.52707050.09 %
8038MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2012-01-302012-08-311RM 16,363,000RM 55,000RM -43,000RM -43,000-0.09 cents0.00 centsRM 16,363,000RM 55,000RM -43,000RM -43,000-0.09 cents0.00 cents48,000,0001.320.6380380.34 %
8978MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2012-04-202012-08-312RM 15,509,000RM -1,667,000RM -1,642,000RM -1,642,000-3.52 cents0.00 centsRM 31,872,000RM -1,612,000RM -1,685,000RM -1,685,000-3.61 cents0.00 cents47,000,0001.250.598978-10.75 %
9957MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2012-07-202012-08-313RM 13,723,000RM -1,323,000RM -1,314,000RM -1,314,000-2.82 cents0.00 centsRM 45,595,000RM -2,935,000RM -2,999,000RM -2,999,000-6.43 cents0.00 cents47,000,0001.220.579957-9.64 %
10962MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2012-10-302012-08-314RM 15,702,000RM -75,000RM 188,000RM 188,0000.35 cents0.00 centsRM 61,297,000RM -3,010,000RM -2,811,000RM -2,811,000-6.08 cents0.00 cents54,000,0001.080.5810962-0.48 %
11894MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2013-01-252013-08-311RM 17,480,000RM -980,000RM -1,010,000RM -1,010,000-2.04 cents0.00 centsRM 17,480,000RM -980,000RM -1,010,000RM -1,010,000-2.04 cents0.00 cents50,000,0001.020.5111894-5.61 %
12875MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2013-04-252013-08-312RM 15,707,000RM -1,191,000RM -1,165,000RM -1,165,000-2.36 cents0.00 centsRM 33,187,000RM -2,171,000RM -2,175,000RM -2,175,000-4.40 cents0.00 cents49,000,0001.040.5112875-7.58 %
13802MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2013-07-242013-08-313RM 16,246,000RM -841,000RM -842,000RM -842,000-1.70 cents0.00 centsRM 49,433,000RM -3,012,000RM -3,017,000RM -3,017,000-6.10 cents0.00 cents50,000,0001.080.5413802-5.18 %
14768MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2013-10-292013-08-314RM 14,247,000RM -2,306,000RM -2,398,000RM -2,398,000-4.85 cents0.00 centsRM 63,680,000RM -5,318,000RM -5,415,000RM -5,415,000-10.95 cents0.00 cents49,000,0001.170.5714768-16.19 %
15703MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2014-01-242013-12-31OtherRM 12,004,000RM -2,396,000RM -2,651,000RM -2,651,000-5.36 cents0.00 centsRM 75,684,000RM -7,714,000RM -8,066,000RM -8,066,000-16.31 cents0.00 cents49,000,0001.10.5415703-19.96 %
16128MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2014-02-262013-12-31OtherRM 4,058,000RM -1,380,000RM -1,467,000RM -1,467,000-2.96 cents0.00 centsRM 79,742,000RM -9,094,000RM -9,533,000RM -9,533,000-19.27 cents0.00 cents50,000,0001.20.6016128-34.01 %
17045MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2014-05-262014-12-31OtherRM 12,878,000RM -645,000RM -753,000RM -753,000-1.49 cents0.00 centsRM 12,878,000RM -645,000RM -753,000RM -753,000-1.49 cents0.00 cents51,000,0001.330.6817045-5.01 %
18006MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2014-08-262014-12-31OtherRM 15,984,000RM -217,000RM -300,000RM -300,000-0.55 cents0.00 centsRM 28,862,000RM -862,000RM -1,053,000RM -1,053,000-2.00 cents0.00 cents55,000,0001.280.7018006-1.36 %
19001MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2014-11-252014-12-31OtherRM 15,131,000RM -675,000RM -610,000RM -610,000-1.12 cents0.00 centsRM 43,993,000RM -1,537,000RM -1,663,000RM -1,663,000-3.13 cents0.00 cents54,000,0001.220.6619001-4.46 %
19861MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2015-02-252014-12-31OtherRM 13,019,000RM -2,039,000RM -2,256,000RM -2,256,000-4.15 cents0.00 centsRM 57,012,000RM -3,576,000RM -3,919,000RM -3,919,000-7.33 cents0.00 cents54,000,0001.010.5519861-15.66 %
20779MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2015-05-222015-12-311RM 18,041,000RM 90,000RM -339,000RM -339,000-0.62 cents0.00 centsRM 18,041,000RM 90,000RM -339,000RM -339,000-0.62 cents0.00 cents55,000,0001.050.58207790.50 %
20816MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2015-05-252015-12-311RM 18,041,000RM 90,000RM -339,000RM -339,000-0.62 cents0.00 centsRM 18,041,000RM 90,000RM -339,000RM -339,000-0.62 cents0.00 cents55,000,0001.050.58208160.50 %
21828MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2015-08-252015-12-312RM 16,338,000RM 397,000RM 179,000RM 179,0000.33 cents0.00 centsRM 34,379,000RM 487,000RM -160,000RM -160,000-0.29 cents0.00 cents54,000,0000.8650.47218282.43 %
22862MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2015-11-252015-12-313RM 16,665,000RM 564,000RM 342,000RM 342,0000.63 cents0.00 centsRM 51,044,000RM 1,051,000RM 182,000RM 182,0000.33 cents0.00 cents54,000,0001.030.56228623.38 %
23930MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2016-02-262015-12-314RM 18,845,000RM 537,000RM 137,000RM 137,0000.25 cents0.00 centsRM 69,889,000RM 1,588,000RM 319,000RM 319,0000.59 cents0.00 cents55,000,0000.9550.53239302.85 %
24715MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2016-05-252016-12-311RM 16,484,000RM -344,000RM -495,000RM -495,000-0.91 cents0.00 centsRM 16,484,000RM -344,000RM -495,000RM -495,000-0.91 cents0.00 cents54,000,0000.920.5024715-2.09 %
25613MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2016-08-242016-12-312RM 19,178,000RM -277,000RM -315,000RM -315,000-0.58 cents0.00 centsRM 35,662,000RM -621,000RM -810,000RM -810,000-1.49 cents0.00 cents54,000,0000.900.4925613-1.44 %
26676MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2016-11-242016-12-313RM 17,771,000RM 533,000RM 138,000RM 138,0000.25 cents0.00 centsRM 53,433,000RM -88,000RM -672,000RM -672,000-1.24 cents0.00 cents55,000,0000.920.51266763.00 %
27656MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2017-02-242016-12-314RM 19,004,000RM -1,443,000RM -1,984,000RM -1,984,000-3.65 cents0.00 centsRM 72,437,000RM -1,531,000RM -2,656,000RM -2,656,000-4.88 cents0.00 cents54,000,0000.900.4927656-7.59 %
28495MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2017-05-242017-12-311RM 18,659,000RM -734,000RM -765,000RM -765,000-1.41 cents0.00 centsRM 18,659,000RM -734,000RM -765,000RM -765,000-1.41 cents0.00 cents54,000,0000.90.4928495-3.93 %
29468MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2017-08-222017-12-312RM 21,938,000RM 316,000RM 390,000RM 390,0000.72 cents0.00 centsRM 40,597,000RM -418,000RM -375,000RM -375,000-0.69 cents0.00 cents54,000,0000.8250.45294681.44 %
30343MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2017-11-222017-12-313RM 18,832,000RM 41,000RM -16,000RM -16,000-0.03 cents0.00 centsRM 59,429,000RM -377,000RM -391,000RM -391,000-0.72 cents0.00 cents53,000,0000.8200.43303430.22 %
31502MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2018-02-272017-12-314RM 20,265,000RM -236,000RM -447,000RM -447,000-0.82 cents0.00 centsRM 79,694,000RM -613,000RM -838,000RM -838,000-1.54 cents0.00 cents55,000,0000.7700.4231502-1.16 %
32214MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2018-05-222018-12-311RM 18,330,000RM -794,000RM -785,000RM -785,000-1.44 cents0.00 centsRM 18,330,000RM -794,000RM -785,000RM -785,000-1.44 cents0.00 cents55,000,0000.8000.4432214-4.33 %
33172MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2018-08-212018-12-312RM 20,426,000RM 637,000RM 749,000RM 749,0001.38 cents0.00 centsRM 38,756,000RM -157,000RM -36,000RM -36,000-0.07 cents0.00 cents54,000,0000.6900.37331723.12 %
34336MILUXMILUX CORPORATION BERHAD2018-11-262018-12-313RM 21,177,000RM 90,000RM 71,000RM 71,0000.13 cents0.00 centsRM 59,933,000RM -67,000RM 35,000RM 35,0000.06 cents0.00 cents55,000,0000.6800.37343360.42 %
DB ID Stock Ticker Stock Long Name Date announced Financial Year End Quarter Revenue, Quarter Profit before tax, Quarter Profit after tax, Quarter Profit for share holders, Quarter EPS, Quarter Dividend, Quarter Revenue, Year Profit before tax, Year Profit after tax, Year Profit for share holders, Year EPS, Year Dividend, Year Shares Issued (approx) Price during announcement Relative price* DB ID Quarterly Profit Margin

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