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DB ID Stock Stock Long Name Date announced Financial Year End Quarter Revenue, Quarter Profit before tax, Quarter Profit after tax, Quarter Profit for share holders, Quarter EPS, Quarter Dividend, Quarter Revenue, Year Profit before tax, Year Profit after tax, Year Profit for share holders, Year EPS, Year Dividend, Year Shares Issued (approx) Quarterly Profit Margin
517UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2010-02-242009-12-314RM 94,421,000RM 5,598,000RM 3,984,000RM 3,984,0003.60 cents0.00 centsRM 348,019,000RM 7,305,000RM 5,144,000RM 5,144,0004.65 cents0.00 cents111,000,0005.93 %
1142UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2010-05-172010-12-311RM 74,830,000RM -6,524,000RM -6,045,000RM -6,045,000-5.46 cents0.00 centsRM 74,830,000RM -6,524,000RM -6,045,000RM -6,045,000-5.46 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-8.72 %
2533UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2010-08-252010-12-312RM 80,194,000RM -5,894,000RM -5,072,000RM -5,072,000-4.58 cents0.00 centsRM 155,024,000RM -12,418,000RM -11,117,000RM -11,117,000-10.04 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-7.35 %
3450UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2010-11-242010-12-313RM 89,540,000RM 1,736,000RM 1,630,000RM 1,630,0001.47 cents0.00 centsRM 244,564,000RM -10,682,000RM -9,487,000RM -9,487,000-8.57 cents0.00 cents111,000,0001.94 %
4868UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2011-02-282010-12-314RM 102,301,000RM 15,452,000RM 11,743,000RM 11,743,00010.60 cents0.00 centsRM 346,864,000RM 4,770,000RM 2,256,000RM 2,256,0002.04 cents0.00 cents111,000,00015.1 %
5205UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2011-05-182011-12-311RM 85,828,000RM -6,893,000RM -7,090,000RM -7,090,000-6.40 cents0.00 centsRM 85,828,000RM -6,893,000RM -7,090,000RM -7,090,000-6.40 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-8.03 %
6153UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2011-08-112011-12-312RM 88,791,000RM -2,961,000RM -473,000RM -473,000-0.43 cents0.00 centsRM 174,619,000RM -9,854,000RM -7,563,000RM -7,563,000-6.83 cents0.00 cents110,000,000-3.33 %
7885UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2011-11-302011-12-313RM 92,136,000RM 14,817,000RM 15,032,000RM 15,032,00013.57 cents0.00 centsRM 266,756,000RM 4,964,000RM 7,470,000RM 7,470,0006.75 cents0.00 cents111,000,00016.08 %
8865UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2012-02-292011-12-314RM 99,407,000RM 12,365,000RM 11,585,000RM 11,585,00010.46 cents0.00 centsRM 366,163,000RM 17,329,000RM 19,055,000RM 19,055,00017.21 cents0.00 cents111,000,00012.44 %
9332UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2012-05-232012-12-311RM 81,941,000RM -6,877,000RM -5,713,000RM -5,713,000-5.16 cents0.00 centsRM 81,941,000RM -6,877,000RM -5,713,000RM -5,713,000-5.16 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-8.39 %
10654UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2012-08-292012-12-312RM 89,549,000RM -2,408,000RM -1,472,000RM -1,472,000-1.33 cents0.00 centsRM 171,490,000RM -9,285,000RM -7,185,000RM -7,185,000-6.49 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-2.69 %
11564UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2012-11-282012-12-313RM 90,046,000RM 1,085,000RM 878,000RM 878,0000.79 cents0.00 centsRM 261,536,000RM -8,200,000RM -6,307,000RM -6,307,000-5.70 cents0.00 cents111,000,0001.2 %
12497UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2013-02-272012-12-314RM 87,649,000RM -7,303,000RM -9,634,000RM -9,634,000-8.70 cents0.00 centsRM 349,185,000RM -15,503,000RM -15,941,000RM -15,941,000-14.40 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-8.33 %
13386UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2013-05-282013-12-311RM 75,994,000RM -10,887,000RM -8,814,000RM -8,814,000-7.96 cents0.00 centsRM 75,994,000RM -10,887,000RM -8,814,000RM -8,814,000-7.96 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-14.33 %
14175UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2013-08-262013-12-312RM 96,102,000RM 3,252,000RM 1,922,000RM 1,922,0001.74 cents0.00 centsRM 172,096,000RM -7,635,000RM -6,892,000RM -6,892,000-6.22 cents0.00 cents110,000,0003.38 %
15342UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2013-11-272013-12-313RM 80,512,000RM -7,579,000RM -4,665,000RM -4,665,000-4.21 cents0.00 centsRM 252,608,000RM -15,215,000RM -11,558,000RM -11,558,000-10.44 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-9.41 %
16179UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2014-02-262013-12-314RM 89,946,000RM -5,178,000RM -4,815,000RM -4,815,000-4.35 cents0.00 centsRM 342,554,000RM -20,393,000RM -16,373,000RM -16,373,000-14.79 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-5.76 %
17244UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2014-05-282014-12-311RM 65,420,000RM -21,750,000RM -19,807,000RM -19,807,000-17.89 cents0.00 centsRM 65,420,000RM -21,750,000RM -19,807,000RM -19,807,000-17.89 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-33.25 %
17478UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2014-06-062014-12-311RM 65,420,000RM -21,750,000RM -19,807,000RM -19,807,000-17.89 cents0.00 centsRM 65,420,000RM -21,750,000RM -19,807,000RM -19,807,000-17.89 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-33.25 %
18306UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2014-08-282014-12-312RM 74,444,000RM -10,857,000RM -11,050,000RM -11,050,000-9.98 cents0.00 centsRM 139,864,000RM -32,607,000RM -30,857,000RM -30,857,000-27.87 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-14.58 %
19130UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2014-11-262014-12-313RM 74,823,000RM -5,843,000RM -5,716,000RM -5,716,000-5.16 cents0.00 centsRM 214,687,000RM -38,450,000RM -36,573,000RM -36,573,000-33.03 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-7.81 %
19886UTUSANUTUSAN MELAYU (MALAYSIA) BERHAD2015-02-252014-12-314RM 76,637,000RM -44,193,000RM -44,323,000RM -44,323,000-40.03 cents0.00 centsRM 291,324,000RM -82,643,000RM -80,896,000RM -80,896,000-73.05 cents0.00 cents111,000,000-57.67 %

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